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fersinaratia in jacksonxlisa



*crickets chirp*

Yeah, I thought so. :| Anyway, I've made a sad little video for Jackson and Lisa to the song "The Hardest Thing" by 98 Degrees. Haha. It's quite an oldie, way back to the 90's, I believe.

But I think it really suits the two, especially when you take it from Jackson's perspective.

It's been reiterated over and over again that throughout the whole movie, Rippner was frustrated with his job and Lisa's walking into his life. He realized, perhaps, one of the true costs of his career: no Lisa.

So, here. :)


Preemptive Expression of Appreciation

M'kay, from this phone, I cannot see this vid of yours, but if it is JacksonxLisa centered, then WIN it must be, right? :P

Due to my n00bish touch-screen typing skills, I can't really leave much of a message. Once I get back on a computer, I'll watch this vid and vomit flattery all up on here. Thanks a bunch for keeping this ship sailing! This pairing needs a major resurgence of luff!

Re: Preemptive Expression of Appreciation

I wouldn't exactly say it's a WIN. :| Lol.

To quote Jackson, "Too many shit."

(Or did he say "The money's shit." in that particular line? Whatever. I've yet to buy Red Eye DVD with the subtitles and all that.)

But thank you for always commenting on my JxL stuff. :) It's inspiring! Lol.

The video's quite sappy but I hope it leads you to enjoyment nonetheless. :D

Oh and come post your own JxL stuff too, will you please? <3