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Nerd - Felicia Day

kojonoyuri in jacksonxlisa

Drabbles: Christmas Presents

Hi everyone! I'm not sure anyone actually reads Red Eye fanfic anymore but I love Jackson/Lisa and wanted to share my Christmas fic! Please read and review! :)

Title: Presents for Pretty Girls
Characters/Pairings: Lisa/Jackson
Rating: G
Warnings: het
Disclaimer: Red Eye is from the mind of Wes Craven and belongs to him and Dreamworks
Spoiler alert: General Red Eye spoilers
A/N: Just some Christmas gifts for everyone in the form of fics! The title is a reference to Charlie Brown Christmas when Lucy says, "You know, Santa Claus and ho ho, and mistletoe, and presents for pretty girls..." Also Jackson "I may have to steal you" line and the "we'll talk again" one were used in this fic.
Summary: At a Christmas party at the Lux Atlantic Lisa runs into an old friend

“Now Leese, don’t cause a scene. Just dance with me and act like a normal happy couple.”