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Nov. 8th, 2009



(no subject)

Just a picture I drew using paint.

Four hours this took me. And it kinda sucks.

Titled: Rachel McAdams and I wish Cillian Murphy didn't turn out like a blob.

Also cannot draw curls.

Otherwise i'm fine with it. :D

Comments would be great!



Blind Date


long time reader, first time writer. Well first time in this fandom. :D
As in I wrote it just after watching the movie for the first time in years. Not to happy with the characterisation. But please leave me a review and tell me what you think!

Title: Blind Date

Rating: T/PG-13

Summary: It was just supposed to be a normal Blind Date. JxL

Thanks in advance,


Aug. 25th, 2009



"Newfound Clarity"

Title: Newfound Clarity

Rating: T

Summary: Jackson and Lisa take two separate paths--only to wind up in the same spot. But can time heal all wounds? Eventual JxL.

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5318226/1/Newfound_Clarity

The prologue and first two chapters are already up. Chapter three will be up on Wednesday or Thursday. Chapter four is complete and ready to post this weekend. Chapter five is in the works.

There's a bit of a fanmix to go along with it--I start each chapter with a song that ties in with the contents. Some other songs that may or may not make future chapters are:

~ 'Run' by Snow Patrol
~ 'Don't Stay' by Linkin Park
~ 'It's Not Over' by Chris Daughtry
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Fic Recs

Elevator by NicolinaN

Author's Summary: This is somewhat AU. It’s a couple of days before Christmas and they arrive in the evening instead of in the morning. It’s Miami winter and Christmas mood won’t find its way to Lisa’s heart. Instead of celebrating with her loved ones and wrapping up gifts, she has just tried to stab a pen into a certain blue-eyed manager’s throat…

Rating: M

Notes: Jackson and Lisa end up trapped in an elevator. It'll only gets better from there... JxL.

Check out some of Nic's other JxL and "Red Eye" stories here, on her author's page.

Sanguinary by cypris88

Author's Summary: 
A dangerous secret irreversibly changes Lisa’s life, and she is thrown headfirst into a world of politics, money and murder.

Rating: M

Notes: Lisa and Jackson end up together again after his company decides to go after Keege again and she is dragged back into the middle of things thanks to the past and a big secret...

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Aug. 20th, 2009



(no subject)

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about the community. I plan on posting some good fan vids I found on You Tube here later this week (I know it's already Thursday. So sue me.) and I have a few new ones in mind that I'm going to work on as soon as I get my desktop up and running... I don't think my laptop will support the files, but I might give it a try.

That's actually the reason I haven't been active--computer trouble. First, my laptop, then my desktop. I got a new laptop, but the desktop is still in the shop.

I'm also going to be uploading a new fic on FF.Net later today, when I get home from work. It's going to be a long JxL fic that occurs post-movie. Lisa and Jackson have moved on in separate directions, but they're brought back together when a mutual friend is shot in a robbery. As things fall apart, they have to learn to work together and trust each other, especially after Jackson is injured.

Vids in the works:

~ 'Eyes on Fire' by Blue Foundation (*requested vid*)
~ 'Coming Undone" by Korn - possibly Jackson-centric vid
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Jul. 20th, 2009




Title: I'll be your greatest fear
Artist: "Taxidermy" - White Lies
Creator: BB/Summersparkle
Characters/Pairing: Jackson/Lisa
Spoilers: None
Format: Stream
Length: 2.03 secs
Links: HERE @ My Journal


Jul. 8th, 2009

damon/bonnie, bedroom


Another Rec List

In addition to the excellent rec lists already posted, I wanted to share some of my personal favorites with anyone who might be looking for good fic...

Highly RecommendedCollapse )

Opiate I only just discovered yesterday... and omg! I would sell my soul for more of that one.  Sadly there's only 2 chapters.  :( 

And, completely unrelated, but I just watched an old interview with Cillian Murphy and he says, "Yeah, I don't know if anyone will ever sit beside me on a plane again."  lol  :)

Jun. 17th, 2009

red eye, lisa/jackson


New reccage...

... this a new fic by chussiee93.  It has a pretty typical Red Eye plot - Jackson's hatred has been festering for months and he finally returns to get his revenge on Lisa - BUT, the writing and pace of the story are fantastic and the characterizations are spot on.  There's only 3 chapters so far and this a new writer, so please check it out and leave a review of encouragement so we can get more of the story asap!   ;)

There's No Script For Anarchy
by chussiee93
Rated: Mature
Summary:  Time changes everything. The colors on the trees, the warmth of the sun. But for Jackson and Lisa, the sting of their last meeting still shadows them, and with it, the consequences that follow their actions. 
Link:  http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5107489/1/Theres_No_Script_for_Anarchy 

“Here’s the thing, Leese. I’m a sore loser, I admit it. But I also don’t like being stabbed in the neck with a pen and shot by a man two times my age. So I thought I’d come visit and let you have a taste of the shit you’ve put me through the past couple months.”


Feb. 18th, 2009

saku icon



First of all hi,
I just joined this community
because I'm a big fan of this couple *-*
and I also love the movie.

Feb. 15th, 2009



New J/L Vid!

Hi everyone! Sorry I kinda diasppeared for a while. I moved over the summer, got really lousy internet, got ill, moved again, was still ill, and now I'm finally starting to feel better and get back into messing around with my computer. I had a request for a video over on YouTube and I finally got around to making it with a new program. YouTube has been deleting my videos lately, so I'm not sure how long this link will be active.

It's great to see that this community is still hanging on. I hope to have some more videos, graphics, or fan fics to post soon.

Song Title: Fight Like This
Song Artist: Decfyer Down

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